Seeing the Bigger Picture

My “powerful act of reciprocity with the land” was simply to be more mindful and present with the land. Reading news headlines about extinct species, intense heat waves and sea level rise leaves me feeling discouraged and hopeless. It sometimes feels like whatever I do will not amount to anything so why bother. I knew this attitude was unhealthy and unhelpful and I knew it needed to change. So this week I made conscious effort to be outdoors in the environment. Throughout the week I made time to go outside for short walks. On each walk I photographed something that stood out to me and at the end of the walk I sketched my photo onto my journal to help me better notice the details and allow more reflection. I think before I can make my “leap” into action I need to be reminded what I’m fighting for and why.

The first photo is a close up of a tree trunk I passed on my walk around my neighbourhood. The close up shows the small details. It was amazing that something simple as a tree had so many different textures and colours.

The second photo was taken close to the university when I went for a walk between my classes. I looked up and saw so many birds sitting on a power line. I thought it was kind of ironic that they were sitting on power lines instead of tree branches. As trees are cut and brush cleared, birds turn to whatever perches are available to them.

The last photo was taken in the evening from my backyard. The sky was clear and I was able to  see the moon clearly. I was in awe of how bright it shined and how I was able to see it so clearly despite being so far away from it. I felt thankful I lived in an environment with clear enough skies that I was able to see the moon. I felt a sense of duty to the following generation to ensure they could also see and appreciate the environment just as I had.


1 thought on “Seeing the Bigger Picture

  1. Wow Tahreem I loved the images you captured on your walk. It is so critical we take moments out of our day to admire and respect the natural world around us, it truly does make the actions we take so much more meaningful and special to us. I also feel so discouraged and insignificant when looking at how our environment is suffering and there is little one person can do to save the world, but we have an amazing opportunity in education to spark interest in our students to power the next generation into action.


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