Interconnection; How the Sky Meets the Earth

My visual representation this week was inspired by a quote from The Sound of Silverbells The earth is so richly endowed that the least we can do in return is to pay attention.When I read the line I felt a sense of remorse. We owe so much to the Earth and the bare minimum we can do is appreciate it. I realized lately I had been so caught up in my own world and my own routine that I had not taken time to simply pay attention to the environment around me. I decided this week I was going to change that. The following morning I made time in my day to walk to a nearby park. I remember as a child this park felt like a second home, I was here almost every summer evening. I would spend hours rolling down the little hill, collecting rocks by the pond and making friendship bracelets out of dandelion stems. Now I rarely came to this place.

During my walk I picked up pieces from the park to use for my journal. I found rocks buried in the snow, pinecones scattered beneath the tree and fallen brown leaves. Near the end of my walk I found a bench on top of the hill. I decided to sit down and simply pay attention to the environment around me. Listening to the birds chirping and interacting with their environment I observed how they were connected to their surroundings. Like constellations in space connecting one start to the nex it seemed like there was an invisible line connecting one thing to another here on earth. The falling rain connects the sky to the earth. It gives life to plants like trees in the Amazon and algae in the oceans. These plants then produce the oxygen that we need in order to breathe and stay alive. To me, the environment is a place we share and something that connects us to things greater than ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Interconnection; How the Sky Meets the Earth

  1. I really liked your whole post, I thought you really took it to a deep level to try and reconnect with our environment, and I think your creative piece is really beautiful and unique. I think we think the same way about some of the things in our environment and we chose the same quote to base things off of and that’s really cool.


  2. This is beautiful, Tahreem. I can only wonder what it was like to grow up near a park, but I can relate to the feeling of being connected with the environment, really immersed into it. It is a really good thing to appreciate and make use of the natural places nearby. I really liked the circle nature of your creative journal, it reminded me of the circle of life and really the interconnection between all things. It reminded me of what Kimmerer said in The Maple Nation about how carbon is the currency of nature: the birds and pinecones and fallen leaves are all made out of the same things. I just didn’t understand what’s that bird house in the end, did you take that picture in the park? I really enjoyed reading this blog post!


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